Have Haemophilia? Take Care Of Your Teeth

Haemophiliacs know that they need to take care every day to avoid injuring themselves. They do this because haemophilia is a blood clotting disorder which can result in excess bleeding. Haemophiliacs need to keep an eye on many things, including their dental health. Keep Good Oral Hygiene Everyone wants to avoid dental health problems, especially… Read more »

Why You Should Use Mouthwash

You may wonder if it is necessary for you to use mouthwash. You brush your teeth, and floss them too. Do you need mouthwash as well? Mouthwash is a great addition for your overall dental health. There are several benefits from using mouthwash. Helps Clean the Mouth Though a toothbrush and floss are the main… Read more »

Nine Terms You Should Know About Dental Health

Have you thought about your pearly whites much since you ran out of baby teeth to sell to the Tooth Fairy? Aside from time spent brushing, in our experience, people don’t give much thought to their dental health, unless there’s a cosmetic concern or they’re in pain. Our ambition is to help our patients protect… Read more »