Effective Brushing Techniques

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Many people view brushing their teeth as just another part of their routine. Make no mistake: brushing is the best way to help avoid tooth decay and gum disease. However, we often accomplish our routines with little to no thought. It’s easy to forget proper brushing techniques over time. It may be a good idea to “brush up” on your on brushing techniques.

When brushing, avoid using wide strokes that go from side-to-side. It’s abrasive to your gums and also makes cleaning hard-to-reach places difficult. To be more effective, gently brush your teeth using small circular motions with the brush while holding it at a 45-degree angle. To help avoid developing bad habits in the future, try switching up where you start brushing every so often.

You should also try to brush for at least two minutes each time. On average, people only brush for less than a minute, which isn’t enough time to make your cleaning effective. Make the most of your brushing to protect your teeth.

Pay attention to the toothpaste you use as well. Some toothpaste, especially those that contain whitening materials, can be abrasive to your teeth. Normal fluoride based toothpaste are recommended. You can talk to Dr. Rachel Meyer about whitening products.

If you have any questions about brushing techniques, please call us at Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS in Los Alamos, New Mexico, today. Our number is 505-662-3163.