If You Have Lost a Tooth It Can Be Effectively Replaced by a Bridge

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A tooth that was knocked out, extracted or lost to severe tooth decay can have a profound negative effect on your oral health. Beyond the basic loss of function and appearance the lost tooth can also cause you to slur your speech or lead to an infection in the gums. In time the nearby teeth might even start to twist and move a little towards the gap left behind.

In a situation like this, a Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS dentist will often recommend replacing the lost tooth with a bridge. A bridge essentially mimics the appearance of a natural tooth that has been secured to a pair of crowns. The entire solid piece is then anchored on abutments formed from out of the two neighboring teeth.

To create the abutments your dentist at Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS will use a drill to remove the enamel layer of each healthy tooth. A detailed impression is then taken of the area and temporary crowns are secured over each abutment.

The impression and any relevant X-rays will be sent to a dental lab where your bridge is created.

When the dental lab has completed your bridge, we will call you back in for follow up appointment. The temporary crowns will be removed, and the dentist will cement your new bridge onto the two abutments.

If you have recently lost a tooth and you’re interested in having it replaced with a bridge, you should call Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS’s office in Los Alamos, New Mexico at 505-662-3163 to schedule an appointment.