Pointers on Keeping Your Teeth White

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If you’ve finished a teeth-whitening service, congratulations! We hope that you love the bright new appearance of your smile, and we hope the service lasts for a long time. Here are some tips about how you can save the fresh look of your newly whitened chompers.

-Brush two times daily with whitening toothpaste to preserve that dazzling look. If you’re debating between two or more brands, trust the ones that display the ADA seal of approval.

-Pay attention to foods that can dim your pearly whites. Foods like red wine, tea, blueberries and heavily colored drinks can lead to tinged teeth.

-Use a straw when drinking drinks that stain so that you can keep your pearly whites free from dyes that discolor teeth. If you don’t have a straw, be watchful!

-Give up smoking, dipping and/or chewing tobacco. The tar in tobacco products like cigarettes convert pearly whites to shades of yellow. Scale back your use and your pearly whites will thank you!

-Visit your dentist often for cleanings and perhaps whitening. The staff at Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS in Los Alamos, New Mexico, are authorities in pearly whites cleaning. Let them help you keep your smile bright.

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