Saliva’s Role in Your Mouth

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Saliva plays an incredible role in our mouths. And today we are going to tell you why its role in your mouth is so important.

What is saliva?

Saliva is a clear liquid made by specific glands, the salivary glands, found in your mouth. Saliva is important for a healthy body. It contains substances you body needs to digest food and keep teeth strong.

What does saliva do?

Saliva plays several different roles in your mouth. Saliva keeps your mouth moist and comfortable, helps you chew, taste and swallow, keeps dentures securely in place, protects tooth enamel, prevents tooth decay and gum disease and fights bad breath.
How much saliva do I make a day?

Under normal conditions, your body can make up to four pints of saliva a day, typically peaking late in the afternoon. Saliva is produced inside the salivary ducts, which are located inside each check, on the bottom of your mouth and near your front teeth. Did you know that there are six major glands and hundreds of minor ones?

What if I don’t have enough saliva?

If your body doesn’t produce enough saliva, you may be at risk for dry mouth, a condition that causes the mouth to dry out due to lack of saliva production. The good news is, there are several ways you can treat dry mouth right at home.

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