The Benefits of Dental Implants

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Are you interested in replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant? If so, good for you! Your smile and oral health can be greatly benefitted from this strong dental restoration. Our dentist, Dr. Rachel Meyer, and the dental team would be happy to tell you some of the several reasons why this decision is a great one.

First, a dental implant can enhance your smile and help your oral health. It can enhance your smile because it can fill the gap in your mouth and improve your appearance. It can help your oral health because it can prevent the surrounding teeth from drifting out of place and it can keep the underlying bone in tip-top shape.

Second, a dental implant is very reliable. This is not the case with many replacement teeth and appliances. A dental implant replaces the tooth and its roots, which means it is implanted into the jawbone. This makes it very sturdy, permanent, and reliable because it acts just like a natural tooth.

Third, a dental implant can give you the confidence you need. It can replace your missing tooth and make eating, talking, and smiling much easier. It can make you feel normal and beautiful again. It can also help you perform daily tasks without you worrying about it falling out of your mouth.

Do you have any questions about dental implants in Los Alamos, New Mexico? If so, please call Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS at 505-662-3163 at your earliest convenience. Our dental team looks forward to giving you the answers you seek!