Upgrade Your Smile with Optimum Oral Health

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Are your teeth and gums perfect? The answer is probably no, because your smile is under constant attack by outside forces, and even if you have been taking care of your teeth and gums flawlessly, the chance for damage can still occur in the future. There is always more you can do to improve your smile.

Upgrade your smile with optimum oral health. Here are some excellent oral hygiene habits to consider:

– Include brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily into your oral health routine.
– Try to avoid cosmetic add-ons to your mouth such as mouth jewelry and lip rings, as they can easily damage your smile or present a choking hazard.
– Protect your teeth and gums from damage by using safety gear when appropriate, such as mouth guards, facemasks, and head gear.
– Avoid products or activities which can be dangerous for your teeth, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, recreational drugs, and sugary foods and drinks.
– Use cleaning products after eating, for example sugarless gum, mouth cleanser, or dental floss.
– Visit Dr. Rachel Meyer, DDS for your regularly scheduled professional cleanings and oral examinations.
– Try to curb eating habits to standard meals only, avoiding snack time in between mealtime.

For more helpful hints for your oral health and to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Rachel Meyer, please contact our dentist office located in Los Alamos, New Mexico, by calling us at 505-662-3163. Outstanding oral health care is our primary concern.